To inspire, support and accompany those on a journey toward a more compassionate, peaceful, and just world.

By providing educational opportunities, meaningful experiences and a variety of resources, we are dedicated to the universal call to love and heal ourselves, our communities and our planet.



  • Interspirituality: It is critical for the peaceful evolution of humanity that we find, claim and experience the beauty and the common ground that exists among wisdom traditions, world religions and ancient spiritual paths.
  • Interconnectedness: We are all pilgrims on this journey of life living in sacred relationship with self, others, and the natural world, and share the responsibility of practicing deep nonviolence to all.
  • Reverence: We humbly acknowledge all of life is a gift that awakens in us a sense of wonder and awe to which we respond with respect, gratitude, and an active commitment to being love in the world.
  • Transformation: In all circumstances we have the power and the choice to engage in the healing cycle of change and renewal that promises to lift humanity toward healing and wholeness.
  • Inner work and outer action: The spiritual life requires a deep commitment to conscious and contemplative self-knowledge and compassionate action and service, which calls us to authentically participate in the evolution of peace and justice.


Our Board of Directors & Team

Tricia Kibbe, Chair, Board of Directors

Dawn Tolley, Director of Operations

Susan Johnson, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Anne Bonney, Board of Directors

Richard Hunt, Board of Directors

Laurinda Raquel, Board of Directors

Gail Smith, Board of Directors

Lisa McNeill, Board of Directors

Nanc Benben, Board of Directors



As an intergenerational, interspiritual organization, Pilgrim’s Landing formed in response to the void we experienced in how traditional religious and educational institutions are neglecting to meet the spiritual needs of our community on Cape Cod within the contemporary global world.

We found people were hungry for an inclusive and nourishing place to gather, to grieve and process their experience in community.  We witnessed members of the younger generation seeking mentorship and meaningful relationships with elders where courageous conversations and questions are welcomed, and where wisdom and life experiences can be shared. We discovered a longing for holistic educational and personal growth opportunities among all stages and ages of life.  We experienced members of our community confessing their desire to share their tremendous gifts and skills for healing and transformative work, but who lacked a place in which they could openly and freely offer their teaching.  So in late summer 2013 we opened our doors as a community gathering space and resource center located in the heart of Cape Cod.